New Book being researched. Looking for writing partner.


I am reaching out from the US to inquire about a possible writing partner for a new project. It is a book about 1880’s London and I am looking for a female from the UK who could help me write this book. I need help with character development, UK idioms and culture. This book will be a new twist on the time during Jack the Ripper. This story isn’t about him, but there are some parallels. There are strong heroine characters in the story. The name of the book is The Whitechapel Retribution Society.

This project will be a 50/50 partnership concerning credits and financial compensation. I have self-published before and will do the same for this book if necessary. My goal, however, is to get a literary agent on board to champion this book.

If you would like to know more about the project, synopsis, book cover, direction, then please contact me via my email. All my links and information are below. I hope to find an enthusiastic writer ready to take this on with me. We will participate in some zoom meetings, messaging and email to accomplish this.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Gary Hickman

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